I enjoy marketing, graphic design, and printing, and I love problem solving.

I am highly optimistic and talented. It is my goal to ensure that every project I work on serves its intended purpose. I am inspired by the uniqueness of individual challenges and have a genuine talent for finding just the right solution.

Prior to establishing Hammar Design I had the privilege of working at Harvest Christian Fellowship here in Riverside, California. For nearly 18 years I managed a very talented design team, working hand in hand with the marketing, video, music and web teams.

Mark Hammar

My goal is to be the consultant for all your needs. Having you choose me to assist your company means a lot to me whether it is design, advertising, informational, or personal. Thinking outside the box, promoting creative ideas, while keeping my clients involved and delighted … this is what Hammar Design is all about.

If you are looking for a small design revision or a complete branding makeover for your company please contact me today.

 hammarcreative [@] gmail [dot] com